Registered Construction Contractors in Delaware

This is a registry of businesses certified as construction contractors in the State of Delaware. Information on an individual's professional licensing is available through the Division of Professional Regulation.


Contractors listed on this Public Lookup are contractors who have properly registered and have been considered compliant with laws of the State of Delaware's Department of Labor. If a contractor is not on this registry, they either have not submitted an application to the Department to review at this time, or they have been removed. If a contractor was previously listed as compliant on this site and is no longer listed, it means either the contractor may have not reregistered their application, their application is currently being reviewed, or the contractor may have been suspended and/or their certificate has been revoked from the Registry by the Department. If you are seeking to know whether a contractor not listed on this site is compliant, you may call the Department at 302-430-7739 for the status of the contractor.